About me

I’ve had a keen interest in all things fitness and nutrition for over 25 years, firstly as a boxer learning how to manipulate my nutrition to make various weight classes, then as a boxing coach, before moving into bodybuilding at the age of 39. I took second place in my class at the British finals 3 years later, in my first year competing.

             Is online coaching for you?

While there is no doubt I can give you the plan and in time the knowledge to get you to your physique goals what I can’t do is help you push yourself in the gym, online coaching is a partnership I can give you a nutrition and training plan that will work but your part is to stick to that plan, if you feel your unable to stick to the plan you might be someone than benefits more from an in Gym PT, however they’re not with you 24/7 so sticking to nutrition is still down to your on willpower and have an in gym PT train with you every session is also very costly.

            How online coaching works
The way I work is to send you an initial plan tailored to you as an individual I do not just copy and paste plans or use the same plan for all clients, it will be tailored to your individual needs and goals. From there I send out update Questionnaires weekly so we can adjust your nutrition and training as we work towards your goals.


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