The cardio debate

First off I’d like to say I think cardio is overrated for fat loss and is just one useful tool, but by no means the only or main way to lose body fat. That said it is useful, but what type of cardio is best? Type “what cardio is best for fat loss” into a search engine and you’ll get arguments for and against any type of cardio from hiit to steady state, fasted or not.

My own preference from experience is steady fasted cardio, but that’s not to say other types of cardio don’t have their place. Hiit for example is a very effective form of cardio but for me, I find it interferes with my leg workouts.

The real answer is simple, the type of cardio that will work best for you is the one you can stick to that realistically fits into your daily routine; because consistency is the key to fat loss.

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