Which Training Routine?

Weight Training Routines Part 1 First off I’d like to start by saying there is no best split or routine, no one size fits all .The one which is best suited to you comes down to a few variables. Even if you’ve been training a long time and are getting results sometimes a change in training can spark new growth via different stimulus. When you first decide to start training with weights you might turn to the internet for information the problem is there are almost endless amounts of different programs I’ve listed some of the more common ones below Full body PPL (push,pull,legs) Body part split this could be 4-5 or even 6 days a week. Mountain Dog 5x5 GVT (German Volume Training) Fortitude Training DC Training Upper Lower And many more, in the following articles I’ll give a break down of each type of training split, when best to use them and an example of how to set them up. When picking a split don’t get fooled into picking one based solely on the fact it’s what someone else does and they look good, they may not of started on that routine in fact in most cases almost certainly didn’t, my own routine has changed several times. Any of the training programs listed above are effective the trick is picking one that’s as close to optimally effective for you as possible. Some things to consider when picking a routine 1- how much time can you realistically spend in the gym per week taking into account work,family and other commitments it’s all very well picking a program that’s 6 days a week but if you miss sessions it could be 2 weeks before you hit a body part again. 2- how long have you been consistently training or have you just started? There’s no point in picking a routine that’s aimed at seasoned gym goers or that you’ve seen professional competitors doing if your just staring out or only been in the gym a few months, although you’d likely still see initial results they won’t be optimal and may well lead to over training or injuries. 3- what are your recovery abilities like? It’s one thing to be going into the gym to train legs when they’re still a little sore from your last leg workout but if you can barely walk and are in pain that’s another. Rest and recovery will play a big part in your progress this also includes the type of job you do, a physical job may mean you take longer to recover than an office job. 4- what are your goals? 5x5 is a great routine for gaining strength but if your primary goal is weight loss it wouldn’t be the best choice. 5- is your nutrition optimal to support recovery this is very important and over looked by a lot of new gym goers, eating as you always have and just throwing in a protein shake after training isn’t going to bring you much in the way of results,your nutrition needs to be geared towards your goals and enable you to recover sufficiently from your training sessions. 6- do you enjoy it? Your far more likely to stick to a plan that you actually enjoy opposed to dreading every session. 7- more isn’t always better it’s easy once you enjoy the gym to fall into this trap and think you need to be training everyday and that more is more productive, but with resistance training that’s normally not the case my own preference is 4 days a week is optimal for me when dieting down and 3 when I’m in a growth phase. 8- equipment does the gym you train at have the equipment for the routine you’ve chosen

9- if your already training and been doing the same routine for a long time and results have slowed it might be time to look at changing your routine, sometimes even sticking with your routine but swapping out some of the exercises or even just changing the order can bring more results 

I’ll start following this up next week with a breakdown of one of the training splits and post a new one up each week, if you have any questions feel free to message me via the email address on my website. 

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