Dieting Over Christmas Christmas is probably the most difficult time to stick to a nutrition plan with lots of food and drink about and time with family and friends, I personally don't recommend sticking with the your plan 100% and wouldn't advice clients to either, but that said Christmas doesn't need to turn into a two week long food and drink binge either. Some people especially those that are relatively new to sticking to a plan can easily go to bits if they fall off the plan and just start eating crap for days, so the best way to go about it is to look at your plans for the holiday season and pick two or three days that your going to be with family and friends and set those times aside as times you can relax and eat off-plan, set these in stone before hand and stick to them so in your mind there part of the plan this will help stop you falling of the wagon altogether and going on a week or two week binge, remember a two week binge can undue a lot more than two weeks of good progress. 

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