Wow - thank you! I can’t express enough how your service has been a life changer for me.
My under active thyroid made it extremely difficult for me to lose any weight in the past. I’ve lost more weight in the last few months than I have in the last few years since having my third child.
You have been a great support and always reply to my emails within the hour. Your encouragement is a great help.
I feel better in myself, stronger and full of energy. I haven’t felt this good since my twenties!
The diet and exercise program you made for me has given me a new lease of life - I can’t recommend you highly enough!
Thanks again.



I went to Alan after spending just over a year going to the gym and eating what I considered was a healthy diet and pretty much getting nowhere. I can honestly say I made more progress in the first 3 months working with him than I did that whole year, as an added bonus the way the diet is set up I get what he refers to as a load most weeks where I get to eat things like burgers and chips even the odd pizza which gives me a nice mental break although this isn’t the reason he gives for these loads it definitely helps me stick to the diet, highly recommended if you want to lose fat and add some muscle.



I used to think that I was quite savvi when it came to exercise and nutrition. However, at a mature age suffering with constant aches and pains, virtually a continuous cold for a year or so and generally feeling exhausted, I decided it was time to seek help.

Alan has taught me so much about nutrition and the need to get it right. He provides just the right amount of encouragement, is always there to answer the never ending stream of questions. He is understanding, patient but firm about what it takes to reach your goals. His own dedication and discipline is an inspiration to everyone.

He has given me an exercise program that doesn't leave me feeling like a failure (although I know I have worked). The nutrition plan was easy to stick to once the nutritional values were explained and understood.

I feel so much stronger, more energetic and more confident. I eagerly look forward to the next stage in the program and for the first time feel that optimal fitness is a possibility.



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